Monday, October 3, 2011

VMWare Vsphere 5 - a few thoughts

VMWare has announced the features, and pricing structure, for vSphere 5.

The first item being heavily discussed is the new cost per-used-RAM. We use Enterprise Plus, which gives 48GB used per CPU. If you have an 8-core CPU, then that is only 6GB/core for your license! That sounds bad to some folks. Here is the other side of the story, however. If you have a redundant configuration as many of us do, then the unused RAM is not counted.  We found that when we added up our used memory we needed to buy no new licenses.

Update: vmware moved to 96GB/CPU for "old" enterprise plus licenses after the uproar from customers...   We became unfazed as our calculations led us to conclude it did not affect us.

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